Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mom and Dad

You know when I was a child
And in all of my innocence
My daddy would do all I want to
And live as I wished he do

As for my mom what can I say
For I was always so sure
I was loved in a way
That no pain I would endure.

If with mom I would disagree
To get my way to dad I would run
When with dad I could not what I see
I would prove to be my mom's son

To my life's end I will pray
For my mom and dad to stay
No matter how far from them I run
For me they will ever be the first one

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Love and Rains!!!

Saw you in the first rain drop
That fell down the sky this year
Felt like a new beginning to my life
Giving me no reason to fear

You kept pouring throughout
Just kept giving me all I need
Was it really you or just my doubt
That I could see you in every deed

And then I realized the truth
Thing with me that always has been
And with the rains too it is a fact
Once the season ends it is not seen 

Would I then again be left searching
For that drop that had started
What I thought was never ending
And again be left heart broken

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Confused Mind!!!

It is meant to be
What it is not to be
This life gives to me
Things I don't even see

The love I seek to find
Is all here in my mind
If I could just put aside
The worries and its allies

If it is not what i have yet
Then when will it be set
The day I would be left
With the one I have not yet met

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Wish!!!

You and me where meant to be
Together as life would want to see
The love we always wished
The life we just lived

Though it was not just to be
What I thought I wished to see
The love had that we wished
The life that we would have lived

Tomorrow it could just be
The life we always see
What we always had wished
And the life we always lived

But if this could just be
For all that I could see
It's now what I wished
If we ever lived!!!


Heading for something,
Where I've wanted to be.
All that is missing,
Is for you to be with me.

 You are the one I want,
I give myself to you.
Everytime you give the count,
I feel myself strive.

You being there,
Is all that I care.
Baby without you,
 I'm left with no clue.

 You are everything to me,
I give myself to you.
I just want to,
Always make you feel new.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Autobiography of a Nun - A Review..

An Autobiography of a Nun.... One of the most controversial books of the Catholic Church. It tells you about the facts that happen inside the four walls of a Convent. My first reaction when I saw the book at CrossWords was like, "Wow.. Now this is something to read.. Let's see what it has that i would not know". It had much much more than I could ever think about. It speaks about Priests being involved in sexual practices with nuns. It tells you about how nuns are discriminated withing the convent. Have you ever heard of a High Class nun and Low Class Nun? I mean common.. Stop insulting the Profession of God. Even today donations are taken in the name of Education.. Damn it.. Just because others do it, does not mean that we should also do it. We understand that we need money to run institutions and develop institutions, but please stop forcing the students to give it... We have all rights to ask for donors and we know we will get them. Ruining education at the expense of Money should be considered as one of the biggest crime in India.. That is why we are not improving. There is much much more in this book which says about how a nun who wanted to oppose these things was troubled and how so called officials tried to prove her as a mentally unstable person. I can only write and ponder.. But I'm looking for an appropriate answer to all my questions. Is there anyone here who can give me an answer???

Lost But Found... Strayed away But got back..

It's been a long time.... I was lost but now I've been found.. I had strayed but now I've got back... Lots of games (Thanks to facebook) and loads of work (thanks to office)... Time just got out of hand.... Sometimes I think what is more important. But just cannot figure it out. How is it that I do not do what I want to.. But i feel happy with what I'm doing... I know it sounds confusing but it always happens. Things go from good to bad and from bad to worse. But at the end of it all there's always something that I've learned. A lesson that makes you think, makes you ponder, makes you visualize things the way you would have never done before. I sometimes think WTF am I doing but then I always say to myself that what 'm doing is What I Am and What I want to Be...